Christ First UMC | 663 Lakeview Avenue | Jamestown NY 14701

Pastor, Staff, and Lay Leadership

Meet the team.

Kenzie Mason

Children's Minister and Program Director

Danica Olson

Youth Minister and Program Director

Steven A. Woods

 Director of Music

Andrew "Andy" Schmidt

Pastor Jenni is an Elder in the UMC, having completed seminary at CRCDS in Rochester, NY. Her husband, Dave, is a retired Elder of the UMC and serves as a police chaplain.

2024 Lay Leadership Team

Advisory Council:
Chair- Pam Shay
Finance Chair- Christine Gabrielson
Treasurer & Christian Ed- Danica Olson
At-Large: Judy Atkins
Trustees Ch. & Lay member A/C- Mel Feather
SPPRC Chair & Record Sec- Connie Pilato
Christian Ed- Kenzie Mason
Mission & Outreach- Don and Janet Peterson
Singles Ministry- Jody Terhune
Pastor- Rev. Jenni Piatt

Christine Gabrielson (Chair)
Connie Pilato (Secretary)
Danica Olson (Treasurer)
Rick Turner
Tom Glatz
Jennifer Colburn
Steve Abdella
Worship Committee:
Pastor- Rev. Jenni Piatt
Music Director- Steve Woods
Organist- Andy Schmidt
Tech Support- Tony Pilato
Media/Communion- Connie Pilato
Liturgical Dance- Danica Olson
Children’s Choir- Kenzie Mason

Other Areas of Responsibility:
Admin Assistant- Jessica Devericks
Custodian- Charlie Nickerson
History & Records- Doug Knopp
Membership- Judy Atkins
Member to Annual Conf- Mel Feather
Library- Connie Pilato
Nominations- Rev. Jenni Piatt
Scholarships- Sue Dykstra & Tamsin Pope

Geoff Turner
Mary Anne Harp
Danica Olson
Mel Feather
Rick Culver
Sandy Calalesina
Paul Swanson
Robin Mullen
Charlie Nickerson

Bonnie Engberg
Kathy Colburn
Sue Culver
Mary Glatz
Connie Pilato (Chair)
Judi Swanson
David Boltz
Lori Carlson
Lloyd Schrecengost 

Investment Committee:
Tom Pope (Chair)
Tom Calalasina
Jerry Felton
Jim Swanson
Geoff Turner
Mel Feather
Investor- Lou Deppas

Mel feather
Chuck Strand
Karl Kellgren
Judy Atkins
Sue Culver

Mission & Outreach:
Don & Janet Peterson
Connie Pilato
Danica Olson
Judy Atkins
Jody Terhune
Jenni Piatt