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Jan/Feb 2023 | One Little Step!

One Little Step

Happy New Year! IT is a new year and fresh start! Even if we do not admit it, many of us secretly make resolutions. We will do this or not do that. We will improve on something or begin something new. If we do noting else this year, I want to suggest that we all determine we will take one step in this new year. One little step. Not run a race of travel for miles, but one step. Take one step closer to God.

How do you take a step closer to God? Which way do you go? What does it look like? It is different for everyone. Each person must decide how that step will be taken. Maybe it will be praying a few minutes a day. Maybe it will be reading a verse from the Bible each day. If you are already doing these things, maybe your step will look more like leading a small group or attending a Bible study that you have not attended before. Whatever your step is and however much time it takes (one minute per day or one hour a day) just take the step. No matter who we are, we all need to take this step.

 Along with taking a little personal step, I want to encourage you to find a small group and get connected. It is important to have the encouragement and support of people who love and care for you. We currently have three adult Bible Studies: Wed AM, Wed. pm & Thur. am. Check one out! IF you have thought that a Bible Study, Discussion Group, or Prayer Time would be nice to have, but the current times do not work for you, let’s talk! Be bold and find 4-5 people with a similar interest. Be creative and let’s do something on Zoom or at someone’s home. Be flexible and figure out what works for you! Maybe we do a short-term topic discussion, current events conversation, or book study.
I pray that God will touch you and your family in this new year. I pray that you will get to know God more.. I pray that our entire church family will be connected to the body in more ways than just Sunday Morning.

May you have a blessed new year.
Rev. Jenni Piatt

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