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November 2023 - Saying Thank You

Saying “Thank You!”

November is the month we celebrate Thanksgiving and focus our attention on thanking God for all the blessings we have received. To say “thank you” means that you express gratitude to someone for    improving your situation. Maybe you have your hands full and in order to open the door you need an   extra hand. Someone comes along and opens the door for you. They have improved your situation. Maybe someone brings you a gift. You would respond with thankfulness, because you have something you did not previously have.

What about when someone says you did a great job on that project or performance or you look nice today. Do you say thank you or do you express all the ways you did not do it perfectly? They were improving your situation by building up your confidence and  making you feel good. If you do not express honest gratitude, you are   returning their gift.

So when God brings a new person or opportunity into your life, do you say thank you or do you grumble about the time or resources this  requires? If God brings a little struggle into your life to teach you and help you grow good fruit, do you say thank you or do you object and complain? When God provides you with food, clothes, or a house, do you offer heartfelt gratitude or do you express your disappointment in the type of food, style of clothes, or location of the house.

Thank God For Dirty Dishes
Thank God for dirty dishes;
They have a tale to tell.
While others may go hungry,
we're eating very well
With home, health, and happiness,
I shouldn't want to fuss;
By the stack of evidence,
God's been very good to us.
Author: Mary Stuber

1 Thessalonians 5:16–18 (NIV), “Rejoice always, pray continually, give thanks in all circumstances; for this is God’s will for you in Christ Jesus.”
Pastor  Jenni Piatt

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