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June 2023 | C.F. Connections

C. F. Connections
I hope you have heard of CF Connections. Since we started, we have had a hot dog roast in the courtyard, baked pies, carved pumpkins, & attempted several other events. Admittedly, some did not pan out as planned - due to a lack of "manpower." Looking ahead, we are planning a baseball game and picnic, VBS, and a fun night with movies & pizza.
Why do we call this CF Connections? Because these events connect our church family across age, ability, spiritual growth and development, and time at CFUMC. The CF Connection events help the children to learn from the adults (and visa-versa). These events provide an opportunity for those who are new in our congregation to get to know others (and visa-versa). These are not generally spiritual gatherings. The intention is to provide social gatherings for our family and guests.
CF Connections is about LOVE: It is here where we love one another by getting to know each other. We also have an opportunity to invite our friends and neighbors who may not be comfortable coming to church – with a bunch of strangers. We give our time by sharing with each other. Maybe you have a talent, a trade, or a hobby that you could share. This is a great time to love in this way.
CF Connections is a place to GROW: We learn from each other. We help each other grow spiritually and socially. We teach our children and they teach us a few things as well. CF Connections are also opportunities for each of us to grow in our creativity and find ways for the church family to fellowship together.
CF Connections is a way to SERVE: These gatherings take work. They do not just happen. CF Connections provide opportunities for us to serve one another. If 3-4 people got together and worked a CF Connections event we could do one each month without the responsibility falling to a few individuals.
CF Connections is a time for the family of CFUMC to come together, enjoy each other's company, invite others into the fun, and LOVE, GROW, & SERVE in the name of Christ. There are many ways in which we are PUTTING CHRIST FIRST, CF Connections is definitely one way. How can you get involved? Talk to Danica Olson or Kenzie Mason and let's make these events very special times here at CFUMC.
Rev. Jenni Piatt

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