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March 2024 - Looking For Spring

Looking for Spring
We are once again in that time of year where we are tired of being cold. We are worn out from the snow, shoveling, extra layers of clothes, high heating bills, and the lack of fresh fruits and vegetables. We become weary and weak from the lack of sunshine, fresh air, and exercise.

It is interesting to me that sin has the same effect on us as the harsh winter. Our bodies become weak and our minds only seem to focus on finding relief. We get tired and weary from carrying the burden of our sin and our hearts become hard like the frozen ground.

There is a song that I have known since I was young, called “Bring Back the Springtime.” The chorus says, “Lord, to my heart bring back the springtime. Take away the cold and dark of sin. O return to me sweet Holy Spirit. May I warm and tender be again.”

As we move through the end of winter and into spring, let us remember that God promises to forgive our sin and take them away so that they will never be remembered. As we dream of green leaves on the trees and warm sunshine on our face, let us look to the Son of God (Jesus) to warm and soften our hearts. Just as the month of March moves us from cold and frozen to new life, let us use the time of Lent to move from sinful hearts of stone to soft hearts filled with the Love of God.

Pastor Jenni Piatt

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